What is the first thing?

"The first step" Psa from Ca World Services.

We who are grateful recovering cocaine addicts ask you to listen closely to our stories. That is the main thing: Listen! We know where you’re coming from, because we’ve been there ourselves. Yet we are now living drug-free, and not only that but living happily; many of us happier than we have been before. Few of us would trade all our years of addiction for the last six months or year of living the C.A. program of sobriety.

No one says...

that it is easy to arrest addiction. We had to give up old ways of thinking and behaving. We had to be willing to change. But we are doing it, gratefully, one day at a time

To the newcomer

To the newcomer who wonders what the first thing he or she must do to achieve sobriety, we say that you have already done the first thing; you have admitted to yourself, and now to others, that you need help by the very act of coming to a meeting or seeking information about the C.A. program. But sometimes it is too much for us to project even one whole day drug free. That’s okay. Just for the next ten minutes, you don’t have to use. It’s okay to want it, but you don’t have to use it, just for ten minutes. After ten minutes, see where you are. You can repeat this simple process as often as necessary, using whatever span of time feels comfortable. JUST FOR TODAY, I DON’T HAVE TO USE!